Sunday, 6 January 2013

Push Ups for Chest

Push ups exercises are very helpful for your chest specially when your are warmup your whole body. you'll do it any where you don't need any separate place nor required any equipment. Push ups are very helpful regarding Shape out your chest as well as the chest mass also it covers almost all the portion of your chest, shoulders and triceps. Try it and feel the deference. before starting the exercise you should be aware the actual position of the exercise.

This exercise is very helpful for warmup your whole body this workout pumps your chest place your hands palms down on each side of your body slightly winder then your shoulders. 
Lie face down-down on the floor.
Your whole body weight rest on your hands and toes.
Keeping whole body aligned and pushup your self pressuring your hands and supporting your body on   upper arm
You should feel the pressure on your chest at this point for a perfect pushup.
Inhale as you slowly bend yourself, until your chest is above an inch from floor, your chest should be touch the floor.
Hold this position for a second and revise it again.and repeat the same for better results. 

Monday, 31 December 2012

Shoulder Exercises

Shoulder Press

These exercise are very helpful for bodybuilders to get matter result regarding body building A mainstay exercise is the shoulder press. This pressing movement primarily works the side and front deltoids. Using a machine, a barbell or dumbells, can perform the shoulder press. I personally prefer to use dumbells because there is less restriction and most importantly the muscles move in their natural plane. When pressing the weight, try not to lock your elbows. Locking the elbows will reduce the resistance on your shoulder muscles and place unwanted stress on the elbow joint. 

Front Raise

A forgotten exercise is the front raise. The reason being is that you are not going to turn heads while doing the movement. You can use a variety of methods to burn the front delts. My two favorites are alternating dumbells and the low cable pulley with a short bar. It can also be executed while holding a plate like a car steering wheel. The key for this exercise is to keep a slight flexion at the elbow while lifting the weight just above shoulder level. 

Side Lateral Raise

To hit the side delts, my favorite is the side lateral raise. This exercise can be performed with dumbells or even a low pulley cable. In most cases, I like to start my routine with this exercise because I want to be able to lift as much as possible. But never sacrifice form to lift heavy weights.
I see too many people either not lifting enough weight or doing this movement incorrectly. Remember to only lift the dumbells as high as your shoulders while keeping your elbow slightly flex. 

Upright Row

To tie in the front delts, side delts and traps, the exercise to do is the upright row. With this movement, you can choose your resistance from a low cable pulley, barbell or dumbells. I prefer, the low cable, because of the continuous tension. The key is to squeeze on the top portion of the movement and to hold for a beat. In addition, the shoulder shrug exercises the traps, but that is it. For beginners, I recommend the upright row because it works more than one muscle group.

 Rear Delt Raise

I like to work the rear delts at the end of the routine and only do a couple of sets. The rear deltoids are exercised during most back movements, therefore, not as much work is needed. There are machines that specifically hit this area, or again you can use the dumbells. Either way, the exercise is done in the same manner in which you want to do a reverse chest fly. Lighter weight is recommended, because this is a true feel exercise.

All in all, these five exercises will give you total shoulder development. Remember to change the exercises from week to week because you do not want your body to adapt to any movement. I suggest choosing 3 exercises and complete 3 working sets of 10-to-12 repetitions for each shoulder workout. Do not forget to warm-up the shoulder with lighter weight. 

Friday, 28 December 2012

Triceps Dips

If you want big triceps, dips are absolutely essential. Dips are fantastic for hitting all three heads at once, and they’re one of the only exercises that effectively blasts all three heads simultaneously (along with the closed-grip bench press, which is # 2). Also, unlike cable exercises and a lot of other isolation triceps exercises, dips allow you to overload your triceps with a significant amount of weight. After all, more weight lifted = more muscle gained.Make sure to lower slowly all the way down until your triceps are parallel to the ground. At the top of the movement, squeeze your triceps hard for 1 second.Below are two different variations. The bench dip (the top picture) is significantly easier and a much better option for beginners. The bench dip is also a great exercise for building up endurance and really blasting your tris hard at the end of a workout. Traditional dips like the ones in bottom picture allow the body to handle more weight, and thus are much better for building muscle mass. Once you’re able to get 12 reps in a set increase the weight by using a weight belt and weight plates.

Closed-Grip Bench Press.

The Closed-Grip Bench Press is another great exercise that destroys all three heads of the triceps at once. Closed grip bench presses are also phenomenal for adding definition to the inner chest and creating that really nice line of separation between the two pecs. The CGBP allows the tricpes to handle a huge amount of weight, which results in quick muscle and strength gains. Your hands should be spaced closed together at the middle of the bar, about 1 foot apart. Your elbows should be tucked in close to your torso throughout the movement and should not stick out to the sides at all. Slowly lower the weight down until your triceps are parallel to the ground, hold for 1 second at the bottom, and accelerate back upwards.

Triceps Skull Crushers

Skull crushers, aka Barbell Lying Triceps Extensions, work primarily the long and medial heads of the triceps. Building up the long head adds size to the inner-bottom portion of the arm, which helps add overall height to your arms. It’ll also make your arms come out bigger if you ever decide to measure them…having a well-developed long head can push you from a meager 18 inches to the big 2-0.Load an EZ bar with weight plates, lay down on a flat bench, and extend your arms straight overhead. Without moving your upper arms at all, slowly bend your arms at the elbow and lower the EZ bar back beyond your head until your arms hit a 90 degree angle. Forcefully extend your arms upwards and hold the contraction at the top for 1 second.Some people like to lower the weight directly to their forehead. I prefer (and recommend) lowering the weight behind your head because it’ll take a lot of stress off of the elbow joint and displace it all onto the triceps. I also kinda like not having to worry about crushing my face like the name implies

Overhead Lateral Triceps Extension.

Overhead Lateral Triceps Extensions are awesome for destroying the lateral head of the triceps, which is critical for building up a dense, well-shaped horseshoe (they also hit the long head hard, the other half of the horseshoe). I love overhead lateral triceps extensions because they really allow you to feel a nice stretch on the way down and a powerful contraction on the way up. Start by raising one arm vertically overhead. Slowly bend your arm at the elbow and lower the dumbbell sideways behind your head. Make sure to keep your upper arm completely stationary and locked in placed! Lower slowly for 2 seconds, hold at the bottom for 1 second, and then squeeze your triceps hard at the top of the movement.

Reverse One-Arm Cable Triceps Extensions.

There are many exercises regarding triceps right now i'll share some triceps exercise. They emphasize the medial head, which adds length to the triceps and helps builds size around the elbow joint. I also find that I can pump out an insane squeeze at the point of contraction. Set up a cable station with a one-arm handle attachment so that the handle is as high as possible on the rack. Tuck your arm and elbow tightly into your torso and keep it there throughout the entire movement. Your upper arm should NOT move at all! Grab the handle with a reverse grip (underhand grip, palm facing upwards), bend at the elbow, and squeeze your triceps hard at the bottom of the movement. Hold the contraction for 1 second. On the way up slowly raise the cable all the way to the top and repeat the movement.