Monday, 18 February 2013

Cellulite treatment

Cellulite treatment for Female Bodybuilders

Cellulite is caused due to the swelling of sub dermal fat cells which push around the connective tissues that hold the cells together. The less fat you have, the less noticeable cellulite is. Markets are crammed with expensive creams, lotions, and injections; but these products are not the right choice to get rid of cellulite. The medical profession is also taking full advantage of the people's disliking for the cellulite development by offering different types of surgeries. In fact, diet and exercise can help the most in reducing the appearance of cellulite. Eat High Fiber Food The best remedy for cellulite is possible even at home. To reduce cellulite, you are required to detox your body, particularly your liver and colon Steer clear of nicotine and caffeine and reduce your extra intake of salt or fat. Also drink plenty of water and eat foods rich in nutrients like soy, blue berries and nuts. Prefer to include healthier food in diet such as whole grain foods containing barley, rye, millet, or oats. All these grains contribute to fight against cellulite buildup. The secret for reducing cellulite is a food which has high fiber & low fats. So, it is recommended to rely more on fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains. Ensure to get the nutrients glucosamine, B vitamins and essential fatty acids. Indeed onions work wonders to combat cellulite. 

Exercise Regularly Regular exercise is another home remedy which is very effective for the reduction of cellulite. Exercise does not mean to pump iron and become a body builder but in this case motion exercises like speed walking, cycling, climbing stairs, yoga and aerobics will work more, as these exercises help in burning off the excess fat cells, which are the main reason for the cellulite development. Choose exercises that help you loose weight on your legs and buttocks. Avoid the consumption of alcohol as alcohol slows down the digestive process and makes the body store more food as fat. It has been seen that giving up smoking and seeking a less stressful lifestyle also helps to slows down cellulite development. Indulge In Massaging Massaging the cellulite areas can also help in increasing circulation and breaking the fat cells. You can use a body brush, a body wash or exfoliating product, while bathing, as these products also increase circulation. Aromatherapy oils like sage, cypress and juniper also helps in cellulite reduction. If you want to go for special treatment, there are a few Spa Cellulite Reduction methods which are safe and natural. Wear Pantyhose Wearing pantyhose works to reduce cellulite as they press the fat and help circulation. Pantyhose, specially made to help reduce cellulite, are also available in the markets. There are a number of commercial products too, that you can use to reduce cellulite. Cellulite may never completely disappear but you can minimize it by doing regular exercise and having healthy diet.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Chin ups exercise

Chin ups exercise is very important part of your upper body. It especially impacts on your back muscles, biceps, and shoulders as well. When done properly, they’ll even help you build strong, flat abs. Keep grip wide with palms facing away. Have a partner assist by "hooking" arm under ankles if needed. ALWAYS start each rep fully extended at bottom. Use hands as "hooks" and focus on pulling elbows down rather than pulling body up. Squeeze shoulder blades together at top. Most people’s cannot do 1 rep properly when they try Chin ups exercise. Due to this most people ignore it and performing easier exercises like lat pull downs and barbell rows etc.

More About Chin ups

If you follow the proper strategy and some hard work anyone can do chin ups then definitely you’ll get better results. The thing that makes chin ups so tough is that you need to be able to lift all of your body weight off the ground from a hanging position. One way to take off some of the load and make them easier is to use a resistance band. Decreasing the amount of weight you have to lift off the ground. Using them is simple too. All you need to do is tie a band to your chin up bar so that there’s a loop at the bottom. Place one of your feet in this loop and you’re set. You’ll now get the assistance you need to perform a proper chin up start with the heaviest resistance band required to perform 5 chin ups with proper form. Once you can do 3 sets of 10 reps it’s time to use a lighter band. Continue with this progression until a resistance band is no longer required.Perform this exercise by standing on a chair or bench, grabbing onto the pull up bar and raising yourself to the top position of the pull up exercise. Your chest should be even with the bar. Then, lower yourself from the top position of the pull up to the bottom for 5 seconds. Increase the amount of time you take to lower yourself by 2 seconds every workout. Do this until it takes 15 seconds to perform 1 rep. 

I recommend doing them 3 times a week with a days rest between each workout. They should be the first exercise in your workout. This will ensure that your body is rested and able to put 100% into every rep. Once you can perform 15 second negative pull ups for 10 reps you should be able to perform at least 2-3 sets of 3-5 pull ups. hope you like this exercise schedule your positive comments will be appreciated.