Sunday, 6 January 2013

Push Ups for Chest

Push ups exercises are very helpful for your chest specially when your are warmup your whole body. you'll do it any where you don't need any separate place nor required any equipment. Push ups are very helpful regarding Shape out your chest as well as the chest mass also it covers almost all the portion of your chest, shoulders and triceps. Try it and feel the deference. before starting the exercise you should be aware the actual position of the exercise.

This exercise is very helpful for warmup your whole body this workout pumps your chest place your hands palms down on each side of your body slightly winder then your shoulders. 
Lie face down-down on the floor.
Your whole body weight rest on your hands and toes.
Keeping whole body aligned and pushup your self pressuring your hands and supporting your body on   upper arm
You should feel the pressure on your chest at this point for a perfect pushup.
Inhale as you slowly bend yourself, until your chest is above an inch from floor, your chest should be touch the floor.
Hold this position for a second and revise it again.and repeat the same for better results. 

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